Our Style Collections

Visit Brands has created 4 great style categories, including our abstract art collection, graffiti chic collection, minimalist collection and photorealism collection.


Abstract Art Collection: More Than Just Picasso 

“Ultimately, fashion wants to transfigure us, to change us into something other than we were, something more beautiful, more attractive. A better version of ourselves at the very least and it usually succeeds. Alas, sometimes the power of the work comes not so much from what it reveals as from what it hides.”


Graffiti Chic Collection: Street Art Doubles As Fashion

“What draws designers and artists to Street Art is its versatility; it can be mixed in with all kinds of fashion and design styles. Our unique works accentuate all décor styles ranging from French Rococo to Mid-Century Modern and more. From originators like Warhol, Basquiat, Herring, and Invader to more recent street artists making mainstream noise like Shepard Fairey, Banksy. This type of fashion art knows no boundaries.” 


Minimalist Collection

“For those who live and wear the concept: Less is more.”


Photorealism Collection: Perception Of Photography And The Artistic Concept Of Painting 

“Rather than observing events in real-time, the style was inspired by photography, using the visual information captured by a camera to create illusionistic paintings, drawings, and other works of art. Favoring representation over abstraction, photorealism emerged from a variety of disparate art movements, including Conceptual art, Pop art, and Minimalism. Photorealism came out of the lack of passion often found in the Minimalism genre and, at the same time, capitalized on the public’s fondness for exact replication.”