Cities are coming back and so are city hotspots

May 16, 2021

Cities are coming back and so city hotspots (#VisitNYNY #Times Square)

The Long-Awaited Return of Tourism: Making the Most of the New NormalAfter a year of unprecedented changes and challenges, a growing number of communities from all corners of the globe are finally breathing a collective sigh of relief. As COVID-19 vaccines become increasingly accessible, there’s improved clarity to the shining hope on the horizon: a welcome new normal is finally coming into focus.

So how soon is too soon to re-emerge full-force? Surely the answer isn’t universal. Even if your town has yet to be revived, thankfully, you have the freedom to revisit famous destination cities you miss most, and savor every little detail like it’s the first time. Embrace the once-taken-for-granted gift of travel, with tips and silver linings to this new dawn.

Snatch Up SavingsIt’s no secret, a deafening quiet fell over tourism in the midst of the novel outbreak. Countless businesses went under, while the rest advertised all-time-low price points to lure business.Numbers of vacationers are rising, but prices haven’t caught up. Companies still hope to boost sales with jaw-dropping deals. Promotions and specials are everywhere, offering unbeatable prices on trips of a lifetime. If you haven’t scored these savings yet, act fast.Coronavirus or not, “private” browsing helps avoid inflated rates on repeat searches. Specialized search engines are helpful to identify the lowest prices, but booking directly with the company is usually more reliable (and flexible!).Beat the CrowdsIt’s a matter of time before beloved epicenters like Chicago and New York City are bustling once again. Broadway tickets are on sale, slated for Fall openings, and NYC streets are buzzing with a long list of re-opened and new restaurants, plus famous attractions, museums, and fun activities.With social distance in mind, reduced capacities are the standard. This creates a beautiful opportunity to sightsee without a sea of fellow tourists photo-bombing you. No competing with crowds or waiting in long lines. Let that sink in.

As the tourist population continues to climb, safely re-establishing norms and truly appreciating what can be resumed, visits to incomparable destinations are more special now than ever. Join in on the fun soon. The continued evolution will eventually usher in a return to inflated prices and larger crowds. But hey, even that will be great in its own nostalgic way.