About Us

An international fashion lifestyle brand celebrating cities + culture

Founded in New York in 2020, the brand prides itself on diversity and inclusion, while creating premier urban-inspired apparel for both men and women. Visit Visit empowers people to share love for their favorite places through fashion.

We are a forward-thinking apparel company that celebrates art, architecture, and history of the world’s most influential cities – from New York to Miami, Chicago to San Francisco, London and beyond.

When you visit a city you love, we want you to bring part of it home. Cities are a place that bring people of all walks of life together. With Visit Visit, our vision is to create an experience where a city is reflected by clothing as unique as its culture.

Our e-commerce platform serves as a foundation for a select group of talented and passionate creators all over the world. Now more than ever, we deeply believe artists should be paid for their work. That’s why Visit Visit pays every designer fairly for the products they create.